Hotel Europa

Over the period of time the hotel was once regarded as the jewel in the crown amongst the many impressive Liptovsky Mikulas buildings, but unfortunately diminished into a shopping centre of low-cost retailers from China. However, being renovated back to its former glory.
The exact date of construction is unknown. According to historians architecture of the hotel comes from the 19th century and was built as a one floor building and named hotel Royal. In the first half of 1912 Arthur Newman used the building to establish the first cinema in the Slovakia. The cinema later came under new management of the Stein brothers. Around this time, originally called the hotel Royal was renamed to hotel Europa and the second floor added. During The First Slovak republic there was an another significant hotel in Liptovsky Mikulas called Hotel Koruna, later renamed to Hotel Krivan which was located on the place of the bank Slovenska Sporitelna. But this hotel has never got so significant importance.
On the 1st May, 1938, the hotel EUROPA was visited by Slovak minister of Justice Ivan Derer, Prof. Vavro Srobar, presiding judge Frantisek Soukup and minister of Health Frantisek Jezek.
“It is said that evidence of the visit remains within Czech Tv archive“  said historian Peter Vitek from Slovak National Archive in Liptovsky Mikulas.
For many years the hotel Europa was owned by the Stein brothers but after World War II.  the Hotel was bought by Andrej Mitak.
The last major reconstruction of hotel was made in the early 80`s and during 90`s the hotel was used as a restaurant and wine bar.
The current owner used old photos to regain the authentic look of the hotel. He retains the original hand – painted murals on the walls, architecture and much more.
“The balcony door was rebuilt, because during the socialism was exchanged  for windows and the balcony was inaccessible. I am planning to rebuild 3 footsteps to other door which is situated opposite the Service Centre, exactly as I remember it from my youth” said current owner Michal Kovac.
Within some parts of the building, in particular the boiler room (which was the original coffee shop), many of the original painting and signage remains.
And during the restoration of the hotel, a basement has been added. The owner has made a few changes as construction has progressed, for example, the basement has been transformed into the Hotels Bar.
Building atmosphere during reconstruction has changed owner`s mind and he used this area for hotel`s Bar. However the reconstruction of the hotel is still deeply under process and hopefully will serve its purpose in the end.
“The rooms size had to be adapted to the current regulations and all of them were elegantly refurnished. The restaurant kitchen was increased in Size, too” says owner. According to our optimistic plans the hotel should be completely finished by the end of the year. However authentic restaurant area still remains in use of low-cost retailers.
I would like to attract interest from the local area, but appeal to the many tourists who are constantly coming to visit the heart of Liptov and regain the hotels Fame” concluded owner.

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